Aspired Chihiro Iwasaki

Illustrated by Chihiro Iwasaki

Illustrated by Chihiro Iwasaki

Chihiro Iwasaki ocean

A wise artist once wrote that a white paper is a kind of hope…….that all emptiness can be filled with great drawings, beautiful lines and imagination, interesting texts and letters of all kinds. I completely agree with his words except that I sometimes find creation an endless isolating task. When there’s a deadline, facing an empty paper can be a scary thing. I wonder if any of you feel that way….

When I feel I need an inspiration, museums and art galleries are the best places to visit. Recently I visited The Chihiro Art Museum in Tokyo. Chihiro Iwasaki is a popular Japanese artist and illustrator who specialises in water-coloured illustrations mainly on flowers and children. Her art theme is focused on children’s happiness and peace.

Her illustrations indeed touched my heart and inspired me to create art that can reach out to children (and adults) for all ages regardless of race, gender and other trivial differences we all carry in life. I’m so glad I made this spontaneous visit to this lovely museum…my mind is clearer and I’m filled with motivation.

Does any of you have a favourite museum where you visit to refresh your mind and get inspiration from? I’d love to hear your recommendations if there are any 🙂


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