I wanted to draw something that you see common in Australia which may not be familar to many people back home. So I had a chocie bewteen drawing Vegemite or Nutella.
I was introduced to Vegemite when I was 16 years old, but I still remember the shock after tasting the first bite of my toast. I was expecting sweet taste assuming from the black colour (had expected something like chocolate) but it was incredibly salty! It turned out that Vegemite was a fermented yeast extract and was a savoury spread. I wished somebody had warned me earlier that I wasn’t supposed to spread it on the toast thickly such as peanuts butter. As it has a very intense taste, just a thin scraping will do on a piece of bread or crackers…which I learnt afterwards.

After finishing up my very salty piece, I felt like eating a whole block of chocolate for a change of taste in my mouth. I reached out for another jar which was written ‘Nutella’, back then I really had no idea what it was made of. I guessed it had nuts inside from the naming but nope, never would have guessed the delightness of its taste until I tried. It was a hazelnut chocolate spread!

I had Nutella this morning and suddenly the memory of my very first ‘two opposite tastes’ flashed back. So here’s a painting of my saviour Nutella!


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