Tough Being a Snail

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage, pen

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage, pen

I cannot believe how time flies! It’s already December and we’re starting a countdown for Christmas..
Oh my oh my..
Here is an illustration I’ve just completed for one of the comps I entered recently. As it’s already passed the deadline, I’m going to share it with my lovely blogger friends. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was in love with rain. To put it correctly, she was in love with the creature that comes out on a rainy day. She just loved catching and collecting snails for her pet.
Nothing gets in her way when she finds a spirally coral shell gliding slowly on the wet ground on such a day. A ladder, puddles, pointy bush, a hammock….nothing really stops her from chasing them.
“Wait uuuuuuup!” she screams “I-want-to-keep-you-as-my-pet!”
Snails look back and yells for help, rushing each other.

Snail A: “Go, go, go!! You gotta move faster!! She’s just behind us!!”
Snail B: “I’m moving as fast as my foot can glide…”
“Oh no…look at him.”
Snail C: (Cowered, half frozen.)
Snail A & B: “Come Oooon, moooooove ittttt!!!”

* The idea of this story arose from the nanny experience sometime ago 🙂


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