Work in Progress – Animal Party

Media used: pencils

Media used: pencils

Currently I am working on a piece with lots of animals partying in the forest.
There’s always a new discovery when illustrating animals and plants…for instance, questions like “how many toes do turtles have?” or “what plants exist in forest and in the same area?” were things I needed to research while I illustrate them!
I love illustrating imaginary creatures and personifying them…also fantasy and imagination are the two main themes I carry when I draw. But I also love being realistic at specific elements to convince the audience and bring the drawings alive, if that makes sense 🙂

What is your favourite animal?
Oh by the way, I know penguins don’t appear in the forest in real life but since he’s one of my favourite animals I gotta add him to the party crew! x


7 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Animal Party

      • Enid Blyton was an English writer who wrote a lot of children’s books. They were mainly fairy stories. I remember in the 1970’s a lot of her books were ostracised because the featured golliwogs as baddies and there was speculation that her characters Noddy and Big Ears were gay. It was all totally ridiculous.
        She wrote the Magic Faraway Tree, Secret Seven, Famous Five and lots of fairy tales where the animals and toys came alive. 🙂

  1. I love animals in the forest, especially the animals that don’t inhabit the forest, the birds are my favorite animals, Annie

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