When it just seems so hard to say “I love you” verbally…

"I Love You" message Peg

“I Love You” message Peg

Time flies….I cannot believe it’s already April! Here in the country down under, we’re starting to feel autumn breeze, coloured crumpled leaves piling up along the pathway in the park and people wearing jackets and long sleeves.

I’m not sure if it’s just my thing, but I have never been too good at handling change of seasons especially when changing from warm to cooler season. On the other hand, more gloomy and rainy days mean that I get to spend more time inside and finally getting myself back into a routine of creating more artwork!
Today I want to share something that I’ve made during my spare time, something that someone may use to express love in an unique way …to someone special! 🙂
Hope you like it!