When it just seems so hard to say “I love you” verbally…

"I Love You" message Peg

“I Love You” message Peg

Time flies….I cannot believe it’s already April! Here in the country down under, we’re starting to feel autumn breeze, coloured crumpled leaves piling up along the pathway in the park and people wearing jackets and long sleeves.

I’m not sure if it’s just my thing, but I have never been too good at handling change of seasons especially when changing from warm to cooler season. On the other hand, more gloomy and rainy days mean that I get to spend more time inside and finally getting myself back into a routine of creating more artwork!
Today I want to share something that I’ve made during my spare time, something that someone may use to express love in an unique way …to someone special! 🙂
Hope you like it!


Finished Animal Party Illustration

Hello everyone,
It’s good to be back home! Thank you so much for all the comments on my previous illustration.
I have recently completed the illustration so would like to share with you all.
I hope you like them 🙂

Forest Animal Party Media used: watercolor pencils/brushes, pen

Forest Animal Party
Media used: watercolor pencils/brushes, pen


Coloured Animal Party in Progress

watercolour, colored pencils, pen

watercolour, colored pencils, pen

I will be away from Melbourne for about a month from late today. I wish I could have finished the illustration last night but it turns out that I need to work on them when I return from the trip.
I won’t be able to access the internet as much as I am now, but please don’t feel like I am neglecting you r comments or stopped from visiting your page.
I will try to check what other bloggers are up to and read their posts when I can!
Thank you for your patience and ongoing encouragements. Please do leave me your thoughts on the illustration above. I am hoping to create a children’s story using this piece. Hmmmm. Shall I?? Can you think of a story?


Work in Progress – Animal Party

Media used: pencils

Media used: pencils

Currently I am working on a piece with lots of animals partying in the forest.
There’s always a new discovery when illustrating animals and plants…for instance, questions like “how many toes do turtles have?” or “what plants exist in forest and in the same area?” were things I needed to research while I illustrate them!
I love illustrating imaginary creatures and personifying them…also fantasy and imagination are the two main themes I carry when I draw. But I also love being realistic at specific elements to convince the audience and bring the drawings alive, if that makes sense 🙂

What is your favourite animal?
Oh by the way, I know penguins don’t appear in the forest in real life but since he’s one of my favourite animals I gotta add him to the party crew! x


Origami Face

Media used: origami, watercolour, inktense block

Media used: origami, watercolour, watersoluble inktense block

I’ve added some more layers of watercolour leaves to the tree and I cut up the origami to make a face for the sun. Origami itself means folding paper (‘ori’= fold, ‘gami’= paper) and strictly speaking, we are not meant to cut these origami papers into pieces but the beauty of origami activity lies in making a product merely by folding papers. However, we also have an activity called ‘Kirie’ (‘kiru’=cut,’e’=picture) which is translated as paper-cutting in English. It seems that ‘kirie’ originally was from ancient China. I’ve only used just a bit of origami papers for this illustration but I enjoyed the process a lot!

I look forward to creating more of my art with origami papers this year. Gotta run to the 100 yen shop (equivalent to $2 dollar shop in Australia!) in Japan for more origami papers when I return home! 🙂


Tree of Hope

watercolour painting, coloured pencils, pastel

watercolour painting, coloured pencils, pastel

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well and relaxed throughout your weekend.
Here’s a drawing I finished today with a prayer to wish for hope and strength….whatever you are dealing with at the moment, struggling with, trying to overcome…I hope everyone continues to hold a source of strength and hope along with your adventure. It’s so easy to slip off that four-letter-words out of your hands and heart, but I do believe those who make it till the end always live in hope.
I hope I have more opportunities to show my artwork to the children this year 🙂

Have a lovely Monday and a start of the new week x



watercolor pencils/brushes

watercolor pencils/brushes

Last Friday was a birthday of two special family friends. The illustration may suggest the birthday girls to be younger at age but one of them are my age and the other a bit older than I.
It’s been fun illustrating the animals thinking each of their personalities.
My sister cracked up at the giraffe…what do you think of his/her personality?

Have a lovely rest of Sunday!

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