Monkey Year 2016

20151227_012655 (2)

Media used: colour pencils, ink, collage, pop-up card

Wishing everyone an exciting, joyful, fruitful and another creative year ahead…!


Kimono Lady “Mikaeri Bijin”

Maiko Lady Maiko Lady2

Media used: watercolour pencils, watercolour, origami collage, effects

Left is the original.

Right is the one I played fish effect on the kimono design for a bit of fun.

Japanese call these kimono ladies “Mikaeri Bijin” which is the direct translation for “a beauty looking back”. I’ve initially posted this drawing by the title “Maiko Lady” but realised Maiko has white make-up and usually arrange their hair in an updo style. My bad for all the confusion! I will just call her a kimono lady instead. 🙂


Snow Christmas Illustration

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage

When I think of Christmas, this image of a snowman instantly comes to mind. It probably resonates with my childhood memory. A sound of the snow falling silently and steadily, the bell ringing afar and the scenery of silver snow forest with layer upon layer of silver trees.

I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas…in a land where Christmas comes in the middle of summer holidays and Santa goes out surfing to cool down. 🙂


Tough Being a Snail

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage, pen

watercolor brushes/pencils, collage, pen

I cannot believe how time flies! It’s already December and we’re starting a countdown for Christmas..
Oh my oh my..
Here is an illustration I’ve just completed for one of the comps I entered recently. As it’s already passed the deadline, I’m going to share it with my lovely blogger friends. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was in love with rain. To put it correctly, she was in love with the creature that comes out on a rainy day. She just loved catching and collecting snails for her pet.
Nothing gets in her way when she finds a spirally coral shell gliding slowly on the wet ground on such a day. A ladder, puddles, pointy bush, a hammock….nothing really stops her from chasing them.
“Wait uuuuuuup!” she screams “I-want-to-keep-you-as-my-pet!”
Snails look back and yells for help, rushing each other.

Snail A: “Go, go, go!! You gotta move faster!! She’s just behind us!!”
Snail B: “I’m moving as fast as my foot can glide…”
“Oh no…look at him.”
Snail C: (Cowered, half frozen.)
Snail A & B: “Come Oooon, moooooove ittttt!!!”

* The idea of this story arose from the nanny experience sometime ago 🙂


Work in Progress – Zoo in the Night Sky

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Okay, so I am trying to do something a bit different on my recent piece of artwork. A bit of collage here and there, watercolor, pencils and some more collage! It’s not finished yet but thought of sharing the process bits since I haven’t been sharing the work pics in ages.
Now I look back at my painting and wonder…oh why did I have to add the barbie doll (on the far right at the bottom) at the last minute which totally screwed up the shadow !! Poor doll looks like she has four legs and arms! Ahh..
Shadow is one of the challenges for me at the moment. I’ll have to keep on practicing! 🙂