Monkey Year 2016

20151227_012655 (2)

Media used: colour pencils, ink, collage, pop-up card

Wishing everyone an exciting, joyful, fruitful and another creative year ahead…!


Pop-up Card

20151224_110756 (3)

Handmade Card

Season greeting cards were all handmade this (last) year. An easy pop-up card with my favourite characters and a bit of twist…penguin holding a banana and being the center despite the year of a monkey. 🙂 His journey continues…!


Coloured Animal Party in Progress

watercolour, colored pencils, pen

watercolour, colored pencils, pen

I will be away from Melbourne for about a month from late today. I wish I could have finished the illustration last night but it turns out that I need to work on them when I return from the trip.
I won’t be able to access the internet as much as I am now, but please don’t feel like I am neglecting you r comments or stopped from visiting your page.
I will try to check what other bloggers are up to and read their posts when I can!
Thank you for your patience and ongoing encouragements. Please do leave me your thoughts on the illustration above. I am hoping to create a children’s story using this piece. Hmmmm. Shall I?? Can you think of a story?


Work in Progress – Animal Party

Media used: pencils

Media used: pencils

Currently I am working on a piece with lots of animals partying in the forest.
There’s always a new discovery when illustrating animals and plants…for instance, questions like “how many toes do turtles have?” or “what plants exist in forest and in the same area?” were things I needed to research while I illustrate them!
I love illustrating imaginary creatures and personifying them…also fantasy and imagination are the two main themes I carry when I draw. But I also love being realistic at specific elements to convince the audience and bring the drawings alive, if that makes sense 🙂

What is your favourite animal?
Oh by the way, I know penguins don’t appear in the forest in real life but since he’s one of my favourite animals I gotta add him to the party crew! x