Penguins in Japanese Izakaya

Izakaya Shokudo (mobile)

Everyone is facing different circumstances each day, dealing with individual problems, facing excitement, joy and perhaps new challenges…but whatever they may go through, at the end of the day, they all end up here at Izakaya to celebrate the end of the day and boost up for next day.

Media used: watercolour pencils, wax twister, ink



Love Birds

Love Birds water marked

One of my good friends has been together with her husband for 11 years (including the years they’ve been dating) and officially will be married for six years this coming Sunday.

I thought I’d surprise her with something she cannot find in any shop.

Media used: watercolour pencils


Kimono Lady “Mikaeri Bijin”

Maiko Lady Maiko Lady2

Media used: watercolour pencils, watercolour, origami collage, effects

Left is the original.

Right is the one I played fish effect on the kimono design for a bit of fun.

Japanese call these kimono ladies “Mikaeri Bijin” which is the direct translation for “a beauty looking back”. I’ve initially posted this drawing by the title “Maiko Lady” but realised Maiko has white make-up and usually arrange their hair in an updo style. My bad for all the confusion! I will just call her a kimono lady instead. 🙂


Long time No see Penguin Family

Medium: Watercolour Pencils, Ink, Watercolour Brushes

Medium: Watercolour Pencils, Ink, Watercolour Brushes

My apologies for being away from the blog and being a stranger for the past few months. I was shocked to see the date for my previous post which was in April this year! My goodness. Where did the time go…?

This illustration was inspired by the documentary I watched about the Emperor penguins last week.
I really enjoyed holding brushes and painting these tiny beautiful creatures on white canvas.
It’s not finished yet but thought of sharing them with you tonight. Hope you enjoy.:)



Watercolor Chain




I’ve been a little obsessed with drawing circles in watercolor these days. Each circle represents a human being ..we’re different in colors and sizes but most of our shapes are amazingly the same.
And when we do connect, we are able to transfer an incredible energy that would make us so beautiful and powerful.
Why not do that rather than focusing on our differences..?


From Tokyo with Love

Watercolour, pencils, pen

Watercolour, pencils, pen

Please let me introduce you to my new frog character…he doesn’t have a name yet but he’s an easy-going, the most friendly and happy frog you’ll ever meet. He loves travelling and really enjoys mingling with the locals. His destination for this trip was to Japan. On this trip, he met a tree frog who knew a spot for the best view of Tokyo. So here they are, enjoying the magnificent scenery with sake and sushi. His singing continues to carry across the night bay.
Oh, I so wish I was there to listen!