watercolor pencils/brushes

watercolor pencils/brushes

Last Friday was a birthday of two special family friends. The illustration may suggest the birthday girls to be younger at age but one of them are my age and the other a bit older than I.
It’s been fun illustrating the animals thinking each of their personalities.
My sister cracked up at the giraffe…what do you think of his/her personality?

Have a lovely rest of Sunday!

Submitted at Illustration Friday weekly topic ‘Time’.


Siblings in Colour

watercolour paints, pencils

watercolour paints, pencils



I always wished I had an older brother when I was in kindergarten…and felt excited whenever I could go play at my friend’s house who had two big brothers. I have two younger sisters who have now become one of my best friends. I think I’m able to share anything with her nowadays as we have both matured. She is the first person I send my drawings on mobile to ask for her opinion. She’s not always happy with the drawings but would give me a constructive criticism for improvement. It’s sometimes hard to ask your friends for this kind of criticism…so being sisters make it special.

Do you have (a) sibling(s)?
Hope the illustration brings you back to your childhood with your loved ones! x




I wanted to draw something that you see common in Australia which may not be familar to many people back home. So I had a chocie bewteen drawing Vegemite or Nutella.
I was introduced to Vegemite when I was 16 years old, but I still remember the shock after tasting the first bite of my toast. I was expecting sweet taste assuming from the black colour (had expected something like chocolate) but it was incredibly salty! It turned out that Vegemite was a fermented yeast extract and was a savoury spread. I wished somebody had warned me earlier that I wasn’t supposed to spread it on the toast thickly such as peanuts butter. As it has a very intense taste, just a thin scraping will do on a piece of bread or crackers…which I learnt afterwards.

After finishing up my very salty piece, I felt like eating a whole block of chocolate for a change of taste in my mouth. I reached out for another jar which was written ‘Nutella’, back then I really had no idea what it was made of. I guessed it had nuts inside from the naming but nope, never would have guessed the delightness of its taste until I tried. It was a hazelnut chocolate spread!

I had Nutella this morning and suddenly the memory of my very first ‘two opposite tastes’ flashed back. So here’s a painting of my saviour Nutella!