Origami Face

Media used: origami, watercolour, inktense block

Media used: origami, watercolour, watersoluble inktense block

I’ve added some more layers of watercolour leaves to the tree and I cut up the origami to make a face for the sun. Origami itself means folding paper (‘ori’= fold, ‘gami’= paper) and strictly speaking, we are not meant to cut these origami papers into pieces but the beauty of origami activity lies in making a product merely by folding papers. However, we also have an activity called ‘Kirie’ (‘kiru’=cut,’e’=picture) which is translated as paper-cutting in English. It seems that ‘kirie’ originally was from ancient China. I’ve only used just a bit of origami papers for this illustration but I enjoyed the process a lot!

I look forward to creating more of my art with origami papers this year. Gotta run to the 100 yen shop (equivalent to $2 dollar shop in Australia!) in Japan for more origami papers when I return home! 🙂


Tree of Hope

watercolour painting, coloured pencils, pastel

watercolour painting, coloured pencils, pastel

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well and relaxed throughout your weekend.
Here’s a drawing I finished today with a prayer to wish for hope and strength….whatever you are dealing with at the moment, struggling with, trying to overcome…I hope everyone continues to hold a source of strength and hope along with your adventure. It’s so easy to slip off that four-letter-words out of your hands and heart, but I do believe those who make it till the end always live in hope.
I hope I have more opportunities to show my artwork to the children this year 🙂

Have a lovely Monday and a start of the new week x


Watercolor Chain




I’ve been a little obsessed with drawing circles in watercolor these days. Each circle represents a human being ..we’re different in colors and sizes but most of our shapes are amazingly the same.
And when we do connect, we are able to transfer an incredible energy that would make us so beautiful and powerful.
Why not do that rather than focusing on our differences..?


Origami Children

Media: Origami

Media: Origami

Sharing my origami work from 2011.

I personally believe that young children are the precious gift from God who ‘sees’ people. Whatever the colour, race, countries or religion you are/is/from/have….the young children will not judge anyone merely on their appearances. Now I can say this with confidence as I have experienced their so-called special skills through my previous work. They observe you closely, hear you speak, listen to you attentively, and really tries to see the person underneath your skin or status to understand if you are an honest and reliable person. The children have the power in seeing the beauty (vice versa) in people. They do it so naturally. That’s what made me so fascinated about the children.
I cannnot stop but wonder when I had lost such special skills…..was it along the way to adulthood?

I probably won’t be able to go back to the point where I knew nothing and start innocent again, but I can make an effort in believing people and eliminate prejudice and stereo-typical mind-set.
Wishing that the world will be filled with children from various backgrounds holding hands and helping one another. We need them greatly especially in the world today. That’s one of the biggest dreams I hold through creative work.


Aspired Chihiro Iwasaki

Illustrated by Chihiro Iwasaki

Illustrated by Chihiro Iwasaki

Chihiro Iwasaki ocean

A wise artist once wrote that a white paper is a kind of hope…….that all emptiness can be filled with great drawings, beautiful lines and imagination, interesting texts and letters of all kinds. I completely agree with his words except that I sometimes find creation an endless isolating task. When there’s a deadline, facing an empty paper can be a scary thing. I wonder if any of you feel that way….

When I feel I need an inspiration, museums and art galleries are the best places to visit. Recently I visited The Chihiro Art Museum in Tokyo. Chihiro Iwasaki is a popular Japanese artist and illustrator who specialises in water-coloured illustrations mainly on flowers and children. Her art theme is focused on children’s happiness and peace.

Her illustrations indeed touched my heart and inspired me to create art that can reach out to children (and adults) for all ages regardless of race, gender and other trivial differences we all carry in life. I’m so glad I made this spontaneous visit to this lovely museum…my mind is clearer and I’m filled with motivation.

Does any of you have a favourite museum where you visit to refresh your mind and get inspiration from? I’d love to hear your recommendations if there are any 🙂