Penguins in Japanese Izakaya

Izakaya Shokudo (mobile)

Everyone is facing different circumstances each day, dealing with individual problems, facing excitement, joy and perhaps new challenges…but whatever they may go through, at the end of the day, they all end up here at Izakaya to celebrate the end of the day and boost up for next day.

Media used: watercolour pencils, wax twister, ink



Walking in the rain


Good morning Melbourne.

Little handmade doll called ‘teruteru bozu’ are used as amulets that brings good weather and to stop rain in Japan. We need heaps of those in Melbourne particularly during winter. But there’s nowhere else you get to see perfect double rainbows so often. Melbourne..I’m starting to like you a bit more than yesterday.

Today’s weather forecast says that it will be Min 12: Max 23: Windy. Late shower or two. Chance of any rain is 40%! Stay dry and don’t get blown away 🙂


Penguin meets Giraffe

watercolour/colour pencils, pen and ink

watercolour/colour pencils, pen and ink

Do you remember the moment or a day you first saw a giraffe? I remember how I visited the zoo for the first time and was amazed by its incredible length- from its tail hairs, eye lashes, long legs to its neck and head…this animal seemed to be created and shaped around lengthening. As I was drawing the picture, I come to realise the imponderableness of this amazing creature. The body, the long neck, colours, and the unequal-sized legs have struck me in awe.

I believe as we get older, it becomes more difficult to recall the first impression of the world’s amazing things.
My penguin always helps to remind me of seeing the world in a clearer, limpid and uncritical eyes. At least he gives me a chance to appreciate things that we tend to take for granted.

I hope he talks to your heart and mind as well.


‘His First Balloon’

’His First Balloon’

This penguin character started to develop when I received a commission to illustrate a penguin for a friend’s God daughter. I really cannot thank her enough to have given me such an opportunity to help me start an exciting avenue in art.

I’ve done a fair bit of research before approaching the task; observed and sketched different positions and expressions of penguins using books, internet and old photos at the aquarium. In the end I got enthralled and the love of penguins (especially baby penguins) have struck with me long after the task.
I’m hoping to create a picture book using this fellow one day.