First Love Illustration

watercolor brushes/pencils

watercolor brushes/pencils

Do you remember your first love?
I thought I’d give it a go in expressing it using watercolors…..:)


23 thoughts on “First Love Illustration

    • Thank you for your kind comment! Initially I was going to draw smaller circles to make an arch over the two little couples, but then tried with bigger circles ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never received any heart-shaped balloons from anyone though :p…but had anyone!?

  1. So incredible sweet. I love the colors and the boy and girl in silhouette. The baubles make it complete and so cheerfull,it gives movement. Thanks for sharing!
    Is it for a special project?

    • You are too sweet!!! Truly made my day, thank you. It’s actually a surprise Christmas gift for my friend who had supported me in becoming an illustrator. She doesn’t know about it yet (nor this blog) so hopefully she feels my gratitude and message from the illustration x

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  4. Hello, I’m a high school student in South Korea. I’m making my book in literature class. Can I use this illustration in my book? I’ll cite the source.

    • Hi there!
      It’s such an honour I get to be in part of your work. What sort of book are you creating? Is it a love story? Thanks so much for messaging. Good luck with your assignment.

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